5 Heartfelt Ways To Give Thanks

A Homemade Treat

Pictured: Nordic Ware Harvest Cake Bites Pan

A Gracious Dinner Party

Either on Thanksgiving or during the Christmas season, a wonderful opportunity is rising to expand and nurture your inner circle. Show your appreciation for someone by inviting them to your home and giving them a relaxing evening off. Don’t let them cook or wash any dishes. Let them relax with a drink and fill the air with light conversation. If you do not have an outfit to fit the occasion, here is a cleverly designed outfit that can be adjusted to fit a variety of occasions.

Pictured: Genius Chiffon Convertible Gown

A Memorable Gift

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving with a friend or family member that you don’t know very well, this is a perfect opportunity to amend that situation. Ask around to find out about the person’s favorite color, animal, or hobby, and use that to determine the perfect hosting gift. Even if you do not have Thanksgiving on your mind, a present with thought behind it is great in just about any situation. A gift with personal significance is a great seed to a growing friendship. This leopard broach would not be ideal for everyone, but for a certain individual, it would be perfect.

Pictured: Leopard Broach

A Down-to-Earth Conversation

People help each other out for a great many reasons. Sometimes they feel a pang of sympathy and wish to help someone else through a familiar struggle. Sometimes they are trying to reconcile something, and helping someone else is exactly what they need. Sometimes they just do it because that is their job. Whatever the reason, people who help others sometimes feel disillusioned. They may feel as if no one cares to notice when they go out of their way to help. If someone has been looking after you, a great way to recognize it is to take time out of your day and really get to know this person. Prove to them that they are more to you than just a stepping stone.

Pictured: The Brass Tap

Something They Can’t Afford

The sad reality is that there are people out there who put their noses to the grindstone every day and never see a reward. Whatever compensation they are receiving will never make up for the hard work they are doing, so if a true reward is going to come to them, it must come from you. If you truly wish to do this for someone, find out what would brighten up their day, and then make it happen. This charm fit for the goddess Aphrodite can be found at Beverly’s Jewelers.

Pictured: Baroque Blues Multi Stone Pendant

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