Burning Hot Halloween Costumes

The perfect costume is a lot of things. It’s fun, it’s original, and it fits you in ways besides just size. It is also built to last, which means no rips or stains ruining the night. If this sounds like your idea of a costume, then keep on reading. All of these outfits come right out of our stores at Pembroke Gardens. A walk around the mall will unveil hundreds of other possibilities. These are just our favorites.

Baseball Star

Have you ever dreamed of being a sports champion? When your team lands a goal, do you stand up in the bleachers and scream your heart out? This is a costume for baseball fans who like to look good. It mixes up the classic baseball player look with the fashion taste that can only come from Crooks and Castles. You may not be playing baseball this Halloween, but who knows, maybe this jersey will help you land a Ping-Pong ball in a few cups.

Pictured: Crooks and Castles Black Baseball Jersey

Pictured: Crooks and Castles Woven Strapback Hat


A wild cat is two things: fun and daring. This outfit mixes in a little bit of danger. You choose how tame. Chico’s is a great place to pick out your favorite leopard print tank top, dress, or blouse. For a Halloween pool party, Swim N Sport has a jaw-dropping leopard print swimsuit . Before you go out, have a makeup artist apply the perfect winged eyeliner at Sephora. If you are feeling extra daring, ask for a little green to be added to your eye shadow.

Pictured: Cheetah Lace-Up Flared-Sleeve Top

Pictured: 3 Piece Leopard Costume Kit

Greek Goddess

Are you Athena, goddess of wisdom and courage, or Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty? Perhaps you are an ancient Greek noblewoman living in luxury and freedom without a care in the world. Make sure you have the makeup to fit the part. Sephora can help with that. They can even apply the makup for you so it is perfect for the occasion.

Pictured: Embellished Wrap Dress

Pictured: Kelly & Katie Peyton Flat Sandal

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