Eating Out with Friends: The Easy Guide to Picking a Restaurant

Getting hangry but you’re not done shopping? We have all been there. Sometimes the choice of where to go seems impossible. It may take a hero to bring the group together under the name of a single restaurant. Instead of standing around waiting for a decision to come to pass, figure out what you and your group really want and move forward based on that one thing. Is it health, variety, excitement, or a (very) full stomach? Once this decision is made, the choice of restaurant is obvious.

Healthy and Guilt-Free

Going out to eat doesn’t have to mean turning your back on your health. If your group of friends works hard to stay in shape every day, there is no need to stress about finding somewhere that can accommodate. A restaurant that provides fresh salads and antibiotic-free chicken is a tasty ticket to guilt-free, healthy eating. It’s good to have a place on your docket that facilitates the vegetarians, the vegans, and the gluten-sensitive, especially if it does so with fresh, nourishing ingredients.

Pictured: Nutty Mixed-Up Salad

Decadent Fusion Fare

When one friend is vegetarian, one wants sushi, and you just want a steak, a sit-down fusion restaurant does it all. Nothing is left out, from juicy barbecue sandwiches to refreshing salads. If it also offers craft beer, select wines, and a full cocktail bar, all the better. This sort of eclectic restaurant is perfect for when everyone has a different idea about where to eat, or worse, no one has any ideas at all. It’s like a fancy, flavorful sit-down food court with zero lines and bar access.

Pictured: Pork Chops

Spice it Up

Need a little more spice in your day, maybe a margarita or two? A Mexican place is sure to stir excitement into your day. If it just-so-happens to have a teeth-sinking section just for guacamole dishes, all the better. If anyone in the group brings their kids, a casual Mexican place is an even better idea, much more fun and relaxed than trying to keep kids glued to a seat in a semiformal restaurant. It’s quick and fun and mixes a little spice into the trip. It’s hard to go wrong with that.

Pictured: Southwest Salad

Monster Burgers

Sometimes nothing can stop a hangry stomach, that is nothing but a mouth full of juicy burger. Once bacon hits the grill, it’s hard to go wrong. Hot dogs and chicken tenders galore are waiting for the friend who wants a little something else. There is even a salad option when someone is not amused by all the fried food. The real plus is the chance to bond over a stack of fries and a bottle of ketchup. If your group of friends is not exactly made of money, it’s fun to relax and enjoy the simple things. If you do happen to have some cash after all, just upgrade to a burger with more fun toppings.

Pictured: BBQ Burger

Casual Coffee

There is no beating the smooth, rich taste of a quality espresso. If your friends need caffeine, forget the national chain that sits on every corner. The best quality coffee vendors are better in more than one way. From the real ceramic dishes to the stylish seating, everything is just a little bit better.

Pictured: Relaxing at Segafredo

Something New

When is the last time you have tasted something entirely outside of your scope, something you have never tried before? The next time you go out with your friends, think about the restaurants you have always overlooked, the ones that you avoid because you are unsure what may be inside. You will not regret it.

Pictured: Milanesa

A Restaurant with History

Behind the massive fast food chains, tucked away between the outlet stores are little gems. Hidden in plain sight, these restaurants have something that so few businesses can: a connection to the people within them. While they start as tiny mom and pop restaurants, some have managed to thrive and grow. While larger now, these restaurants still maintain a human connection through memorable family recipes.

Pictured: Platano en Tentación

Classic Italian

Sometimes what you and your friends need is hot food and wine. If the food is cheesy and flavorful, all the better. It’s a classic that just about everyone can agree on, and that always makes for a good time.

Pictured: Lasagna Bolognese

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