Smarten Up For Fall Fashion

The new styles are in, and they couldn’t be juicier. It’s hard to pick a favorite between the flirty over-the-shoulder blouses and the stunning fur designs. One thing is for sure: fall of 2016 is going to send chills. Stun your friends, impress your boss, and fall in love with the new styles.

Wide Chokers

These form-fitting necklaces are back in a big way. If it’s not two inches wide, it’s not 2016. A choker goes perfectly with a deep V neck or strapless dress. Killer styles include lace pattern chokers and silver chain necklaces.

Pictured: Enchanting Velvet Choker Necklace

Wearing Tan

No one saw it coming, but the fall color of 2016 is tan. Possibly inspired by Daisy Ridley’s daring outfit in Star Wars VII, fashionistas everywhere are wearing loose-fitting tan tops. Tan matches well with black, especially another cutting-edge trend this season: David Bowie boots.

Pictured: Colorblock Skirt

Natural Leather Sheen

Who can say no to adorable little booties like these? This fall is all about the natural allure of pampered leather. It’s a good thing it comes in such a cute little package.

Pictured: Basel Flat Bootie

Fall Flowers

When you are looking for a dress for an outdoor party this fall, think nature. Expect a lot of red on black this fall, but don’t be afraid to accessorize. Fall patterns are great for family get-togethers and work events. Some styles are perfect for a traditional modest look, others are made for the club.

Pictured: Print Lace Trim Peplum Top

Reflective Gold

Need something flashy? Metallic gold materials are back in every form, from purses to boots to entire pantsuits. This catchy look cannot be half-baked. If you wear it, get ready to dress head to toe in glimmering gold.

Pictured: Gold Rush Strappy Dress


For the working fashionistas out there, pantsuits and dresses are coming out in the rich, traditional style of a gray business suit. Even mini dresses in this style somehow capture the professional nature. The new styles coming out this season are almost too cute for the office.

Pictured: Refined Tweed Sheath Dress


Flirty and fun, the next round of the tops is going strapless with a little extra on the side. Most fall fashion is modest, almost to a fault, but this design is here to catch the last wave of summer heat. With a little frill or extra ruffles, one of these tops is sure to be a success.

Pictured: Black Cold Shoulder Ruffle Blouse

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