Your Guide to Summer’s Sweets

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to treat yourself: Sweeten up the season with some of our favorite treats, sweets and eats. Here’s your guide to the best tasting (and most refreshing) delights at Pembroke Gardens this summer.


Cool Down with Gelato from GelosiA’s

gelasio gelatoIt’s not summer without our favorite six letter word: gelato.

Creamy, rich, decadent.

Ditch the corner ice cream store for Gelosia’s top-of-the-line creamy eats, and discover why gelato is so much better than your typical ice cream. It’s thick. It’s flavorful. And it’s delicious.

The difference between the classic American-style ice cream and the European-style gelato comes down to three factors: lower temperature, less air and (yes, actually) less fat.

Less fat? We like the sound of that.


Try Frozen Yogurt at TCBY for Even Less Calories

tcby yogurt

For a cool treat with even less calories, stop off at TCBY for a break during your day out. It doesn’t get better than a frozen yogurt topped off with your favorite candy.

Or, for the health nut, add some fresh fruit for a totally refreshing snack.


Cold Drinks at Starbucks

Evolution Fresh Swee Greens SmoothieIf you’re doing it right, sometimes shopping tires you out. It’s okay, it happens to all of us. Fuel up.

Starbucks offers incredible coffee, we know, but have you had a taste of their smoothie menu? We have, and it’s definitely worth sharing.

We love the Evolution Fresh™ Sweet Greens Smoothie. Or, do you need the caffeine? A refreshing Frappuccino never disappoints.


Macarons at Le Macaron

Macarons at Le MacaronPetite, fluffy and round – yet bursting with flavor. Yes, we are talking about everyone’s favorite French treat: macarons.

The small, circular cake dates all the way back to the 8th century, but they have yet to lose their charm. The perfect snack, these are available at one of Pembroke’s finest gems, Le Macaron.

The classic: Coconut Creme.

Our favorite: Ginger Bread.


Specialty Cupcakes at Misha’s Cupcakes

Misha's CupcakesIf you’ve got the sweet tooth but want something a little denser, how about a specialty cupcake?

Misha’s Cupcakes are baked with unconditional love to absolute perfection. Continue the night when you stop in after dinner for a dessert you won’t forget (i.e. the Black Bottom cupcake).

After all, it is summer. Let loose.

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